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    • Why my discovery campaigns are missing?

      Why my discovery campaigns are missing? The data for these campaigns isn't accessible through the Google Ads API because of restrictions related to the Discovery campaign subtype product feed. If a campaign has a subtype other than Standard, it won't
    • Welcome to Community

      The Community hub inside Zoho Desk lets you build a powerful community around your business, while still serving customers via other channels. Your customers can post 4 types of content within your community. These are Ideas, Questions, Problems and Discussions. Each of these serves a particular purpose. When your customers have something to discuss with you, they can post a discussion within your community. It's a great way to debate and collaborate. Your customers can ask you specific questions
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    • Error in Looker Studio "Bad Request Error 400"

      Solving the "Too Many Redirects" and "Bad Request Error 400" in Google Looker Studio with Experiencing technical issues during your work is not a pleasant experience, especially when it hampers your productivity. At, we ...
    • Bing Ads: Permissions error

      If you are getting an error similar to Error authenticating to Bing Ads: AADSTS650052: The app needs access to a service ('') that your organization 'your-domain' has not subscribed to or enabled. Contact your IT Admin to ...
    • The Mystery of Missing Images in Facebook Organic Posts: A Troubleshooting Guide

      Introduction In the world of digital marketing, Facebook remains a powerhouse for businesses to connect with their audience organically. However, as marketers and data analysts, we often find ourselves scratching our heads when images mysteriously ...
    • Addressing Data Discrepancies in Google Analytics 4: Misunderstandings and Solutions

      Addressing Data Discrepancies in Google Analytics 4: Misunderstandings and Solutions A significant portion of the support tickets we receive is related to what users perceive as "data discrepancies" in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data. It's essential to ...
    • Potential discrepancies in Facebook data

      Total Reach The total reach metric may not always be the exact sum of organic and paid reach metrics due to the independent calculation of unique impressions. is unable to resolve this discrepancy. Unique Metrics Unique metrics, such as ...