Facebook Ads Custom Conversions Troubleshooting

Facebook Ads Custom Conversions Troubleshooting

Facebook Ads custom conversions enable you to define custom parameters for tracking events on the web, including specifying what Facebook Ads considers a "conversion."

The Facebook Marketing API treats these as actions. Windsor.ai includes a custom fields feature that allows these actions to appear in its reports as standard fields.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Issue 1: The Action Count Doesn’t Match Activity

If a query checks the custom conversions value for “Conversions received” and “Actions,” a discrepancy may arise because these values are not equal.

  • "Conversions received" refers to the raw number of times the pixel code fired on your site, which may include users who never saw your Facebook ad.
  • Solution: Compare the conversion data from Windsor.ai with the data in the named conversion’s column in Facebook Ad Manager. This comparison will provide accurate data.

Issue 2: Custom Conversions Aren’t Showing in Windsor.ai

Note: Custom events are not supported in our Facebook Ads connector, but custom conversions are.

  • Solution in Looker Studio: Refresh your field list first. Learn how to refresh a field list in Looker Studio.
  • Solution in Google Sheets or Excel: Re-authenticate your connection to pull the latest data.
  • Note: Windsor.ai's custom field feature has a longer cache time than other fields, so it might take some time for changes to appear after refreshing the field list or re-authenticating.

To check if a conversion is a custom conversion or a custom event, go to the Events Manager in Meta's Business Suite. Hover over the sidebar on the left and select Custom Conversions. If you have custom conversions, they will show up on this page. If the Custom Conversions page is empty, you have custom events, which are not supported.

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