Granting access for Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads accounts in work enviroments

Granting access for Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads accounts in work enviroments

Authentication to a Microsoft Ads account can be carried out using Microsoft's work account authentication method. If this method is selected, the Azure Active Directory admin of your company needs to authorize access beforehand. The admin should be invited to the Microsoft Ads account to provide the necessary permissions.

During the permission grant process, Azure Active Directory admins have the option to check the "Grant permissions on behalf of your organization" box. If this option is checked, all users of Microsoft Ads within their domain will be able to provide access to without needing further administrative approval.

For additional details on work accounts and permissions for Azure Active Directory admins, consult the Microsoft documentation.

To enable to access the Microsoft Ads API, register your application and configure the Redirect URI as

For more guidance and complete instructions, refer to the Microsoft documentation.

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