How to report data integrity issues

How to report data integrity issues

For us to help you speed up your support experience please follow the steps outlined below.

Before reporting any issue please make sure that the metrics and dimensions you compare in our connectors versus your platform are exactly the same ones (e.g. some users compare URL clicks against clicks).
The combination of fields also matters: Do make sure that for example you do not compare source/medium, users, date in our connector with sources/medium, users in Google Analytics 4 as the data will be different.

When reporting an issue it helps us a lot if you submit it in the following format
Description of the issue
      e.g. My Looker Studio Facebook Ads dashboard (insert link to dashboard) is showing me incorrect numbers: I'm expecting 1025 clicks for the date ranged of 1/10/2023 to 7/10/2023 but I'm seeing 1200 instead.
Actual result
      e.g. Open dashboard (insert link to dashboard) and go to page 2 and the amount of clicks is 1025 for the date range 1/10/2023 to 7/10/2023 
Expected result
      e.g. See attached screenshot from Facebook Ads business manager for the same date range. (Important: Include time range in the screenshot, the account id or account name and the relevant metrics). Sample screenshot

Sample screenshot to report data integrity issue

Data source specific information
Google Sheets and Looker Studio:
Do share the Google Sheet or Looker Studio Dashboard with and provide edit access so that we can quickly investigate the issue.
Power BI, Excel and database destinations (BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure SQL, Amazon S3, MySQL, PostgreSQL):
Make sure to include the connector URL in the description of the issue so that we are quick in reproducing and solving it for you.

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